Kandie Luvs Frankie!!


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Pick your favorite Character

The lovable Dr. Frank-N-Furter

The ever present Riff-Raff

Riffs most Beautiful Sister Magenta

A groovy Groupie, Columbia

Of course, Brad & Janet

Cheap Little Punk.... Eddie

Last but certainly not least, Rocky


There's a Light..... Brad, I'm frightened!..It's alright Janet!.... Enter at your own RISK.......


Come up to the lab, and see.....what's on the slab..... I see you shiver with antici..........................pation!

V = Virgin ... Are you???


** **

You aren't AFRAID.......

Are You???

A list of Must Have Items for all Virgins and Participants alike...

Never fear, Frankie is here. A virgin will you be no more.

It's a gas that Frankie's landed!! His lust is sooooo sincere!! Don't dream it.... Be It....!!!

Pictures and sounds of Dr.Frank-N-Furter

My Other Homepage My alter-ego Kandie's Page

Don't Dream It Lots of scripts, pics, etc. Great info!

Meat Loaf - BORN to ROCK world tour Eddie, as he is today.....

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